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pork stockpile

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I hate to think about eating ole Harvey but if things got bad my little fat buddy would be on the kitchen table. I'm gonna eat those cats that the wife keeps around first, though.

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I was just joking so let me make a ruling on this now in order to cut confusion. Nobody's eating Harvey. He let's know when uninvited guests show up

By the way, cat is still on the menu
Harvey is usually the one doing the screaming. The dog is the dangerous one. Harvey is more like an alarm system. He can't stop a crime but he can call it to the attention of those that can (me and the dog).
He's pretty friendly but usually suspicious of strangers. He likes for you to scratch his mohawk especially if you give him a dog biscuit first. For the most part he's a lot like a dog. He was separated from other pigs when he was six weeks old and raised by a dog (my Great Pyrenees). He eats dog food, chases cars, and makes noise when there's something unusual going on.....usual dog stuff.

In all seriousness, Harvey and the dog would be great to have around in a crisis situation. They keep watch over things and let me know when something isn't right.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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