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Porting a 22 barrel

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Got to thinking... Yea it could be dangerous haha..
Tryin to figure out a way to get cheap high velocity ammo to go subsonic out of a 16.25" barrel.

Then i remembered that the mp5-sd barrel is ported to release pressure to slow the round down.

I have a extra barrel that i can chop down to 16.25 and do some testing. Thought bout startin by drilling 1/16" holes down the top of the barrel, testing with a chrono after each to see how much it helped.

Think it will work? Wonder if the ports will clog up over time?
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Drill a 1/16 hole thru then counter sink with a1/4 inch drill bit leaving a 1/16 wall detween bore and bottom of 1/4 inch hole angle holes back toward action about 15 degrees put these on bottom hollow out stock line the wood with conduit that has been split lenght wise (wonder if that would work) you would probably need to seal around stock and barrel I seen this done to cool barrel but only one that pushed a piston that pushed a fluid thru barrel sleeve around barrel to cool it
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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