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Porting a 22 barrel

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Got to thinking... Yea it could be dangerous haha..
Tryin to figure out a way to get cheap high velocity ammo to go subsonic out of a 16.25" barrel.

Then i remembered that the mp5-sd barrel is ported to release pressure to slow the round down.

I have a extra barrel that i can chop down to 16.25 and do some testing. Thought bout startin by drilling 1/16" holes down the top of the barrel, testing with a chrono after each to see how much it helped.

Think it will work? Wonder if the ports will clog up over time?
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Gonna look for some drill bits tom :)
this barrel looks horrible and needs something done.
about .5"

I gotta find some small bits,,, 1/16" and a lil larger.
hum.. if im over that way i might get some of them.

Im thinkin bout drilling the holes on the bottom of the barrel so the gases are trapt in the stock.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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