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Possible Deal Alert: Suit Yur Fancy Pawn

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Is going out of business and is dropping prices, they have quite a few guns for some pretty cheap prices. Couple of examples I looked at were:

Springfield XD-9, NIB with 2 Mags, Lock and Holster. $350. He was asking $475 and they are going on Buds for $463.

He also has a Remington 44-40 Lever Action, Gold Engraved. Said they run around $1000 without box, around $1200 with box, he is selling for $600

Has quite a few shotguns, rifles, some pistols, and some service rifles.

Savage .22 SA with Scopes - $100 plus some other SA .22;s cheap.
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Oops forgot to post that.

Highway 80 in Pearl. Just short of where the old Great Southern was, big yellow PAWN sign on side of building.

Suit Yur Fancy Too
2303 Highway 80 E
Pearl, MS 39208

(601) 936-7299
(601) 932-0052
Oh, girl said it was new. I think I am going Thursday and buy it anyway. If it isnt new, its definitly in new condition. The girl who works there also told me they would be open 6-8 more weeks, primarily to allow time to let everyone come and get their things, but they are dropping the prices on everything now so they can sell it all.
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