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Possible Deal Alert: Suit Yur Fancy Pawn

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Is going out of business and is dropping prices, they have quite a few guns for some pretty cheap prices. Couple of examples I looked at were:

Springfield XD-9, NIB with 2 Mags, Lock and Holster. $350. He was asking $475 and they are going on Buds for $463.

He also has a Remington 44-40 Lever Action, Gold Engraved. Said they run around $1000 without box, around $1200 with box, he is selling for $600

Has quite a few shotguns, rifles, some pistols, and some service rifles.

Savage .22 SA with Scopes - $100 plus some other SA .22;s cheap.
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captain-03 said:
Where they located?
I believe they are in Pearl. Also think they might have multiple locations, not 100% sure.
I went by there and got the 411, they will be in business for another 6 weeks to 2 months. I imagine as that time approaches he'll be more willing to bargain. I think that Springfield for $350 was used, he said all of his guns were.
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