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  1. John H Walker

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    You chose wisely, definitely a scam.
  2. DEADEYE 1

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    I think some of these unverifiable names came in via facebook. If they only have one or two posts and are directing you to someone in another state, they are phoney as a 3 dollar bill. Like these calls I get from a Mississippi area code, and you call it back and the number is out of service. Some calls are generated from prisons in the USA while working for companies or maybe also the underworld.

  3. righttoown

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    Had one PM about the want to buy Remington Model 7mm-08 said he has a buddy in Texas that has what I'm looking for. He just joined here and went by saint-antie or something like that from Vicksburg. I ask him to give me his name so I could tell his buddy who told me about the gun when I email him. Next thing I know he deleted the PM to me and he was gone. I figured it was a scam and never sent an email.