Potentially bad Mississippi Code section (§ 97-35-9)

Discussion in 'Mississippi Gun Laws' started by NRA_guy, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. NRA_guy

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    I have never heard of this Mississippi Code section.

    I stumbled across it.

    It could be used by leftists to create a problem for gun owners:

    Miss. Code Ann. § 97-35-9


    § 97-35-9. Disturbance by explosions, noises or offensive conduct

    A person who wilfully disturbs the peace of any family or person by an explosion of gunpowder or other explosive substance, or by loud or unusual noise, or by any tumultuous or offensive conduct, shall be punished by fine or imprisonment, or both; the fine not to exceed one hundred dollars, and the imprisonment not to exceed six months in the county jail.


  2. jakeg823

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    IMO, as long as you’re abiding by the other laws in place regarding shooting on your property(correct amount of acreage and such,) it shouldn’t be an issue.

    If it came up, just ask the liberal neighbor to contribute toward a silencer so you could cut down on the noise and still shoot. Win-win.

    Otherwise, this appears to be just a catch-all disturbing the peace ordinance, like most are.

  3. TheBouncer1111

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    Mostly is used for fireworks in neighborhood out of season
  4. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    Fireworks season is December 24-August 31 in my neighborhood.
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  5. NRA_guy

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    Yeah, but yankees are moving south every day.

    And you can never predict how a judge is going to rule.

    But as I understand, it would require somebody to file a complaint to get it started.

    Heck, I had a PhD (strike 1) LSU (strike 2) graduate who lived about 1/4 mile away complain about the noises kids were making in my pool and hot tub. (I think he was envious.) He also called the sheriff about my son and I shooting on my property. The deputy who came out just said that it looked good to him and walked away.

    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    That deputy deserves a raise, the neighbor, an ass whoopin.
  7. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    Yeah, but the neighbor died not long after that.

    And I was not involved. I have a good alibi. :)

    As the saying goes, "I've never killed anybody . . . but I've been mighty happy to see a few obituaries."
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    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    Karma, can be a bitch.
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  9. stewbaby

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    Sounds like a good one to use on protesters
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  10. DEADEYE 1

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    I am saving my powder for a big boom, the type that rattles windows. If I ever get reported, why not for a good reason.:):)
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  11. senilking

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    If the deputy didn't ask to join in the target practice, you don't live far enough out in the woods, lol.
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  12. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    I was shooting with my teenage son. We have a VERY high dirt bank (maybe 75 feet high) in a wooded area on my 3-acre lot. I have erected a target stand near the toe of the bank.

    The deputy walked up to the top of the bank, and we stopped shooting. He said that he had received a complaint from one of my neighbors, but that our setup looked safer than where he shoots.

    "Y'all have a good time," he said, and left.

    I think he would have joined us but the foot path down the bank was not easy to negotiate.

    The deputy is a good guy. I see him around town and have seen him at gun shows.
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