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I just ordered some 140gr .40 cal boolits for my 40.. its been awhile since ive loaded cast lead..
Does it take less or more powder than a jacketed bullet?

I cant remember so i figured i would ask here, alot other sites are blocked at work. :(

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The Lyman Cast Reloaders Hanbook is slap full of loading data for cast boolits. I have been casting bollits for more years than I care to tell and have not always had good load data available - pre-Internet years! In handgun loads, I would use the data I had for the same grain J-Bullet and decrease it about 10% and start working up. Never had a problem.

Now to answer your question with some REAL data:

9MM -- 115Gr J-Bullet (Lyman 49th Edition)
Bullseye 3.5 to 4.8
9MM -- 115Gr Cast Boolit (Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook)
Bullseye 3.8 - 4.9
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