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Prairie Dog Hunt

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Was talking to a fellow the other day who just got back from Kansas shooting praire dogs. I think BubbaT was with me? Stated he hunted for 3 days and took 2000 rounds -- brought back 300 rounds. Shots were made from 75yrds to 300yrds ... could shoot at them further off if you wanted too, but there were plenty within 300yrds!! Hunted 0n 10000 acres .... said the land owner gave them the gate keys and said go for it!! $100 a day. It is in Syracuse, KS (980 miles from Jackson) -- Hatcher Ranch. Only 1 motel in town at $40.00 a night. --coyote hunting, jackrabbits and prairie dog hunting

Look it up on the net when I go home and here is what they say ...


I could be talked into something like this!!!!!!!!!
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We just got back from a trip to carbondale Col,Buddy owns a cattle ranch and wanted us to come and shoot the doggys :) I think they would of paid us to shoot them.They said the cows will step in the holes and break there legs,Not good,Ive never been really hunting before,just started playing with guns in November and needed the pratice anyway.It was a 23 hour drive,"the worse part"Like youall said there like rats ,there everywere,we shot for 3 days and didnt even make a dent in them,the smaller cal guns are better suited for them up to 300yards,buddy had a 17hmr and was dead on.It was good target pratice :) If ya get the chance to go its well worth the trip!!!

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