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Prairie Dog Hunt

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Was talking to a fellow the other day who just got back from Kansas shooting praire dogs. I think BubbaT was with me? Stated he hunted for 3 days and took 2000 rounds -- brought back 300 rounds. Shots were made from 75yrds to 300yrds ... could shoot at them further off if you wanted too, but there were plenty within 300yrds!! Hunted 0n 10000 acres .... said the land owner gave them the gate keys and said go for it!! $100 a day. It is in Syracuse, KS (980 miles from Jackson) -- Hatcher Ranch. Only 1 motel in town at $40.00 a night. --coyote hunting, jackrabbits and prairie dog hunting

Look it up on the net when I go home and here is what they say ...


I could be talked into something like this!!!!!!!!!
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the most fun i ever had shootin was at my uncles cattle pasture in tx killin gophers. i think me and my cousin killed 200 in 2 days with my marlin 60 mod 22. we were around 12 yo and just knew we were the great white hunters of the plains of tx. we would kill them from 15 yards out to 100 to 120 or so. man i mis being a kid.
i talked to capt last thursday about my uncle in carthage tx bout a 4 hr drive(maybe 30 min past shrevesport). he has a good bit of land he cattle ranches on and from a kid about 10 till i was 20is i went all the time gopher huntin. if enough people wanted to go over i would talk to him about letting us come pick alot of these dudes off. i always used a 22 0n his place but i am almost positive we could take 223 and 22 250 and any shotgun you wanted and pistols. it would only cost gas ammo and lodging. unless we camp out on the river. just an idea. ill start enother post if some show interest besides me and capt. i think shoe was there and was interested as well. my memory slips me sometime.
ill get in touch with my uncle this weekend and see whats up and if it would be cool to bring maybe 10 people or so and hunt the gophers. also will work on getting in tough with the texas game and wildlife and see if we would need permits for this type of deal. i know landowners in tx can kill them year around without a permit and no limit due to it being a nusence anamil. (pest really) and the danger to cattle and horses.
NONGAME ANIMALS (Includes, but is not limited to the following):

Flying squirrels
Ground squirrels
Mountain lions
Prairie dogs
•Does not include feral hog (see Exotic Animals and Fowl).
•No closed season. These animals may be hunted at any time by any lawful means or methods on private property. Public hunting lands may have restrictions. A hunting license is required.

the telephones are out in my area at the moment looks like a permit is required. i will call the tdwf as soon as the phones come back up and see about the private land nuisance animal controle. may be one of those deals my uncle was talking over his head about you just have to own the land and can hunt on private land for prarrie dogs/gophers. will know for sure befor the end of the day.


just called the Texas game commission, the officer i talked to stated that we would all have to buy 5 day permits for 48 bux each. a license is required nomatter who it is unless under 15 then has to be accompanied by a licensed adult. well except those of us that are 100% disabled all we need is the letter of disability and id like we have to have here in MS.
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