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Prairie Dog Hunt

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Was talking to a fellow the other day who just got back from Kansas shooting praire dogs. I think BubbaT was with me? Stated he hunted for 3 days and took 2000 rounds -- brought back 300 rounds. Shots were made from 75yrds to 300yrds ... could shoot at them further off if you wanted too, but there were plenty within 300yrds!! Hunted 0n 10000 acres .... said the land owner gave them the gate keys and said go for it!! $100 a day. It is in Syracuse, KS (980 miles from Jackson) -- Hatcher Ranch. Only 1 motel in town at $40.00 a night. --coyote hunting, jackrabbits and prairie dog hunting

Look it up on the net when I go home and here is what they say ...


I could be talked into something like this!!!!!!!!!
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Sign me up...I tried to get ya'll to go this fall...no takers....Need 5 or 6 guns cause they gonna get hot fast....

Burning up a couple 3 or 4 barrels in 3 days would be loads of fun...obviously the biggest expense is ammo...so better get to reloading those 22-250's, 223's and 308's

I'm in all the way....when we leaving.....
Looks like its about to be prime time in Wy

We could go in Sep and shoot doves as well...we need to quit sitting on the fence if we gonna do it

If I ever go,

I'll take the Kimber 82G for short shots

others that will go will be a Savage 22-250 (have 2 barrels), a bolt 223 (drooling on the Cooper's right now), a 243 Win Bolt and a 260 Rem Bolt...plus a truckload of ammo

Looks like I'm gonna have to go solo :tears:
waiting on / hoping mstropyhunter is working on a trip to TX.....He knows a place...Need 8 people I think....

I wanna "vaporize" some doggies....260 Remington, 308 style
Count me in...

would like to vaporized some with some 30 cals however
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