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Precision Combat Match at Bogue Chitto

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We are conducting a US Army Style Precision Combat Match at Bogue Chitto, MS on 9/11/10. This match is the US Army's version of an assault rifle match. Here is the program for the tournament:

Southwest Gun Club, Inc.
PO Box 1061
McComb, MS 39649
NRA Club # c1149 DCM Club # y35005
Member USA Shooting
Member 4-H Shooting Sports


When: September 11, 2010. Signup is at 8:30AM Shooting Starts 9:00AM

Where: Southwest Gun Club’s Burns Range at Bogue Chitto, MS. Exit I55 at Bogue Chitto (Exit 30), drive East through town, cross over the railroad tracks and continue to the first crossroad (Pricedale Road), turn left and go 100 yards to Hunter Road, turn right and drive approximately 2.2 miles, look for a large drop gate.

Rifles: Any semi-auto or bolt action military rifle capable of shooting 10 shots in 50 seconds. M1 Garand rifles are available for use by Club Members in this match but you have to call the number above to reserve one. Non-Club Members may borrow an M1 Garand and purchase .30 M2 Ball but only the first time they attend a tournament. M2 ball ammo is available for Southwest Gun Club Member’s use in this match but it’s replacement cost is $.40 per round. All brass will be the property of the club. You may bring your own rifle and ammo if desired, but no private ammo will be used in our club rifles without permission of the officers.

Fees: .30 M2 Ball ammo will be available for $.40 per round plus a range fee of $10. Junior shooters will NOT pay FOR AMMO BUT WILL PAY A $7.00 RANGE FEE. Try to bring the exact change. Shooters wanting to use a club M1 and club ammo will have to contact Doug Bowser. Club owned .5.56 PPY Match ammo is available for use in our AR15A2NM rifles at $.45 per round but the shooter will not keep the brass.

This is a course of fire that is a lot of fun. It is also fast and furious and designed for the M-16 /AR-15 rifle.

Course of fire Precision Combat Match:

2 shots sighters before each stage.

1. 10 shots standing sustained fire 120 seconds time limit on Army “D” target 100 yards, a sling may be used.
2. 10 shots sitting or kneeling 50 seconds on Army “D” target 200 yards
3. 10 shots prone 60 seconds on Army “D” target at 300 yards
4. 10 shots 10 minutes on Army “D” target 400 yards, single loading
5. Aggregate of 1,2,3&4

Rattle battle practice. Hits on black of target score 2 points.

6. 8 shots sitting 25 seconds on Army “D” target at 300 yards
7. Up to 24 shots sitting 50 seconds on Army “D” target at 300 yards
8. Aggregate: Total of 6&7

9. Grand Aggregate: Total of 5&8

Details on Rifles and Equipment: Rifles must be able to shoot 10 shots in 50 seconds (such as M1 Garand, M1A, AR-15, 1903, 1917, Lee Enfield, Mauser, SKS or AK-47. There will be a separate class for telescopic sights. Shooting coats and gloves may be used. No cuff slings may be used. No palm rests or adjustable butt plates but standard detachable magazines may be used to support the non-shooting hand.

Additional information: There are no malfunction alibis or re-fires in this match. There will be alibis allowed only if there is a range alibi. All rapid-fire stages will start by not standing on the line (except offhand rapid fire).

Zeros for Precision Combat Match:
100 yards; Get a good windless zero at 100 yards at your usual club range.
200 yards: Go 2 MOA up from the 100 yard zero
300 yards: Go 3 MOA up from the 200 yard zero
400 yards: Go 5 MOA up from the 300 yard zero

Note: I said MOA (Minute of Angle) not clicks. Some rifles have 1 MOA clicks, some have ½ MOA clicks and others have ¼ MOA clicks.

This will get the bullet impact on paper. Shooters will have 2 shots for sighters before each yard line. This will allow for fine-tuning of the zero on the rifle. Be sure to have a good 100 yard zero before arriving at the range for this tournament.

For any questions: Contact Doug Bowser at the phone number or email at the top of this program.
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SubGunFan said:
..I understand that SGC sells the bulk brass to raise $$$ for their Junior programs.

That is my understanding also -- at what the club is charging of ammo, it is still a deal!! CMP is getting .50+ per round now!!
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