Primer caused jam

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Festus, May 22, 2020.

  1. Festus

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    I was shooting my 1911 and had a jam. Upon inspection, the jam was caused by a primer that popped out of the cartridge when firing, and lodged in the action. I cleared it out with no additional problems. I was shooting Winchester White Box 45 ACP. I never had that happen before...
  2. Vick

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    I've never even HEARD of that happening with factory ammo...maybe on a case that had been reloaded many times, but not on factory ammo.

  3. mascott

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    :yeah: Sounds like reloaded ammo with "maybe" small primer put in large primer pocket 45 brass.
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  4. DoyleAlley

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    Not terribly unusual with reloads - caused by loose primer pockets. But, like Vick said, not common with factory loads.
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  5. frodo

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    I would contact Winchester with the lot number of the box
    inform them of a possible machine malfunction
    you have no idea how many rounds a machine put out on that same shift
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  6. Blondie70

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    Had it happen with one of my reloads.