Proof that Bass Are Aggressive.

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    And it is inbred in their DNA.

    The bigger fish was caught on a worm. The other was caught on a crawfish patterned crankbait that was at least 4-5 times the size of the fish. And yet that little guy thought, "Heck ya, I'll eat that....."


    Talk about confidence....
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    I still think I hold the worlds record: I once caught a large-mouthed bass about the size of the small one on a popping bug while trolling through rapids (left the line out behind the boat while going thru the rapids and he was on it when I pulled it in to resume fly fishing).
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    I was bream fishing with my dad when I was about 9 or
    10 and we hit a bed of them and literally ran out of bait
    when we headed back in to the shore and pulled the
    stringer in that we had tied to the boat as we fished,
    we discovered that some [email protected]#$%^& turtle had eaten
    nearly the whole stringer including one bluegill that
    dad said was likely a record for the variety. I can't
    quote his remarks but suffice it to say it was colorful
    to say the least.:lol5:
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    if There was such and you hooked a 5 or 6 lbs blue gill you would think you were Captain Ahab pulling on Moby Dick:2cents:
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    Caught a 2” blue cat once in a 6/0 hook using cut bait. It was in a catfish tournament but unfortunately they didn’t have a littlest fish contest that year. Crazy day as we ended up driving 17miles back up MS River to the landing using a pair of pliers to steer after the steering cable broke.
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