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Proper barrel break-in

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I just purchased a new rifle and want to properly break in the barrel. I know there are several techniques but want to make sure I do this one the most efficient way.I plan to eventually use this rifle as my platform for reload testing but want to make sure the barrel is broken in properly before I start running reloads thru it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I have done the shot and clean exercise and I have just shoot them. Had a couple of Garands with NEW barrels installed - both had the same manufacture new barrel. On one I used the shoot and clean exercise and on the other I just starting shooting it. Could tell no difference in the two after a couple hundred rounds. HOWEVER, with the Garand there are MANY other varibles that could effect accuracy.

Now, I just play it safe and do the shoot and clean exercise. Can't hurt if you clean properly as stated by SGMJody above.
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