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Proper way to fix ruts at deer camp

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Well it finally dryed up enough this week to start working on the roads at deer camp.
After a few passes with this there is no evidence of the damage the 35" superswampers caused all year.
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Its a buddy of mine's that is the camp with us. He has the camp roads programmed into his autosteer so we just sat in tractor and drank beer while it mostly drove itself down the roads.
Bad thing was we only got half the roads done before it went to raining.
We buried his K5 blazer sat afternoon and almost buried mine trying to get him back out. Some of those ruts just dont have a bottom.
the only hard part is feeding that beast.
Easiest to try and pull them out backwards (so i am told) He also has the big pushbar up front, they will just butt up to the bucket on the stuck ones and push them on through. He said they have had to have an escavator dig one out before.
"God! Looking at that picture I guess I was just not cut out to be a big time farmer/hunter/deer camp or fish camp owner"
The tractor is much nicer than our "camphouse" its a 70 model trailer that smells like a cowfart. We have 960 acres and based on others in our area our total cost/acre is actually very affordable.
Every member that we have has access to some type of equipment that we need whether its tractor/dirtpans or dozer or escavator or planters and disk. This is great b/c it means the camp doesnt have to buy anything except the disel fuel to run them.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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