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Proper way to fix ruts at deer camp

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Well it finally dryed up enough this week to start working on the roads at deer camp.
After a few passes with this there is no evidence of the damage the 35" superswampers caused all year.
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God! Looking at that picture I guess I was just not cut out to be a big time farmer/hunter/deer camp or fish camp owner. Looks like and I am sure it is a lot of work to keep them up. I am happy just to sit here in my "Media Room" and play my video hunting and fishing games, plus other type games, drink beer and eat pork sausage and venison that my friends have given to me. Gee, I'll bet that I save 10's of thousands, if not 100's of thousands of dollars and countless hours of work by not owning one those places. To each his own but keep up with the wild hog and deer hunts, and keep the fruits of the hunt coming, I love the stuff.... A retired country boy...........
I envy you guys that have the areas to shoot, hunt or what ever. Here in my part of Florida you are not even allowed to discharge a gun, even a BB gun, no matter how much open land you have. Many years ago I did do a little hunting around the Aberdeen area.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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