Proud of these guys.

Discussion in 'Training' started by BeauBeaux, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. BeauBeaux

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    Caleb C and Cameron Kelly

    Was great to welcome you both to the range. They worked hard, ran through the mud and standing water from 100 yards, walked back and did it again and again, again and again. Put up with with me [an accomplishment in itself]. Learned the Israeli method of Rapid Response. Enjoyed good food.

    Going 1st Class may cost a bit more, but I think they will say it was worth It Well done guys.

    279E3A64-48CB-40E8-A8C4-20C54F95D4AC.jpeg 6BA55667-B781-408F-B672-3309CEB95441.jpeg
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  2. Southern Reloading

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    Heck they don't look dirty from doing that!! Good job guys!

  3. Caleb C

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    Lake, MS
    Thanks again for your hospitality, BeauBeaux. My mind is awash with information obtained from this training. It has put me on a new path in more ways than one. I'll use what I've learned to push myself harder. This was above and beyond what I expected.
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  4. BeauBeaux

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    Your most welcome, It’s my hope this won’t be your only visit to the NE for training. Or even when looking for a tactical firearm.

    The shotgun class is a blast [pun intended], especially when its time for “Rolling Thunder”.
  5. Caleb C

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    Lake, MS
    I'm very interested in the shotgun class. You know I've opted out of my opportunity to participate in the atrocity that is Facebook so you'll have to feed me info another way.
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  6. Cameron Kelly

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    I’d like to learn more of this shotgun class as well.