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Public Firearms Auction

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Thought some of you may be interested. http://cuevasauction.com/ its now open for bidding!
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So how's this work? I went in and placed a load of bids on several guns. Do they still put them up on the auction block on the day of the auction, and tell everyone the current online bid is "XX," so anyone bid higher? Is that how it goes?

I wouldn't be a threat to a serious bidder with my piddly little stuff, but if nobody has any love for a no-name shottie, who knows? I might get lucky on one...
sidroski said:
Liked a double barrel 12 but they wanted to much info. When is the face to face auction? I could end up with a charge with no recourse and no firearem.
Howzat? :blink:
Got 3 shotties for $260 plus fees. One is a 20 ga, other two are 12's. Can't get hurt too bad on those, I can resell them easily for $150ish each if they don't work out. Wanted one of the doubles, but they went quick.
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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