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Public Firearms Auction

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Thought some of you may be interested. http://cuevasauction.com/ its now open for bidding!
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I put in a few bids early just to test the water. Some look good and some cheap junk. I am sure they will all be WAY overpriced by the actual auction but I will still go anyway to look at em in person and see everyone spend their money. I dont think anyone of them will sell for a "good deal" when the smoke clears.
shoeshooter said:
Any idea how that auction works? Couldn't find anything about buyer's premiums, or how/when to pick up, payments, etc.
You can just show up in Picayune.Online there is a 18% buyers premium. Whatever you win is +18% when you go to pay.+ 7% MS sales tax.It says they do a background check there.($15)

When you register it explains it in full detail. What it amounts to is the auction man still gets his cut and then they have an extra % for the online site. Thats how they can afford to put it all online. Then it also has to incled shipping

Going to any auction in person is cheaper unless you include your fuel and time off work.
Most firearms auctions are NEVER a "great deal" always some idiot that gets excited and keeps raising his hand.
Oh as far as the Cuevas auction, I have bought and sold through them. Got some pretty good deals on trucks and equipment in the past.
+1 Buyer Beware. Disclaimer-----This thread was just for information purposes only. I was in no way suggesting that it was a cheap place for quality firearms. I am NOT affiliated with Mr Roland or Cuevas auction but have done other business there.
Yep, thats pretty much it. Good luck! You never know
:youdaman: Cant go wrong with a shotgun under $100. I looked a some of the results and they were not too far outa line. I missed the Roxio 410 pistoloa I was eyeing oh well
1 - 9 of 34 Posts
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