Public land squirrel hunting near Gulfport / Hattiesburg?

Discussion in 'South Mississippi' started by TwangBanger, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. TwangBanger

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    Does anyone know of any good squirrel hunting on public lands between Gulfport & Hattiesburg?

    When I lived in Natchez, I had plenty of places to go, but now that I've moved back to the coast, I'm at a loss. I've long since quit hunting deer, turkey, etc., but squirrel hunting (without dogs) is the one type of hunting I hate to give up.

    I go to Flint Creek in Wiggins alot, and pass signs for Red Creek WMA and also for Little Biloxi WMA, but I don't know if either place has good squirrel hunting.

    Also, I need a place with relatively good roads, as I don't own a truck or 4x4.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  2. BasMstr

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    Like most land down here, Red Creek and Little Biloxi are almost nothing but pine trees. Might try (Upper & Lower) Pascagoula and Leaf River WMA's.
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  3. Mesquite

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    Lower PASCAGOULA WMA, east of vancleave. I & my son used to squirrel hunt there, years back.
    It borders River, there were decent hunting then. Roads are generally pretty good now; however, we've had a LOT more rain here than most of you'll received, So, would pay to pre check before season.
    It is susceptible to flooding.
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    Steve, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have the squirrel hook up. Bad news is multi-fold. Its up here. I just got off the phone with Cousin Chris who is a big squirrel hunter. He runs dogs though. Really really good dogs. Dogs that cost more than my truck. He doesn't take a gun hunting, all he cares about is the dogs and is begging shooters to go with him. I have plenty of places for you to hunt without dogs and you can either drive to them or use my 4 wheeler, but they are in Lowndes County.
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    Durn, your post is got me wanting to go try them out
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    Mesquite come on up. You got a place to stay.
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    Haha, careful, I might just take you up on it; as much as I've been wanting to visit that area,see you'lls shop.
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    Anytime except tomorrow. We are leaving at 0600 to pick up the plasma table. Other than that, you are welcome anytime and have a place to stay.
  9. rigrat

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    Maybe Chickasawhay WMA?
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  10. Vick

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    National Forest lands are on both sides of Hwy. 49. The Little Biloxi Mgt. Area, particularly in the area of the northwest corner has a good many bottoms containing some hardwoods...they do require a bit of walking to get to them, though. Also, the NASA buffer zone has always been open to hunting and has lots of hardwood bottoms and abandoned homesites with oaks, etc. You'll want to check on current regulations before using this area, as government lands are always subject to regulation changes.