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Purchasing Steel Challenge Steel Targets

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I have been looking for steel challenge steel target "kits" on the internet...man are they expensive.

I know it's a very hard grade of steel but I've seen kits for 5 of the 8 stages go any where from $2000 to $3400 just for the targets and stands....A plate rack would be a nice to have for practice as well...and I bet thouse are just as outrageous.

How's the "common man" suppose to practice when the prices are this bad?.

Can someone post vendors/products they have used. Maybe someone has had some stuff made locally that works well.
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dhollis51 said:
I can get a 4'x8'x1/2" for $650+- a few if anyone wants any of it...you just have to chop it up.
Volume discounts ( I know the volume wouldn't be much). I'd go in half on a sheet (listen to me talk, ain't even got .22 pistol yet and my 34 ain't gonna be ready for a little while longer). Could make 4 - 12"x48" targets for each person. Guy down here in Florence seemed reasonable on cutting up some beams for me, know another guy who got laid off and would probably do it reasonable. Anybody got plans for a target to give to a welder?
Good point. Never shoot renegade steel some I'm all ears.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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