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Purchasing Steel Challenge Steel Targets

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I have been looking for steel challenge steel target "kits" on the internet...man are they expensive.

I know it's a very hard grade of steel but I've seen kits for 5 of the 8 stages go any where from $2000 to $3400 just for the targets and stands....A plate rack would be a nice to have for practice as well...and I bet thouse are just as outrageous.

How's the "common man" suppose to practice when the prices are this bad?.

Can someone post vendors/products they have used. Maybe someone has had some stuff made locally that works well.
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Call Oneal steel in jackson/pearl wherever they are. I got a quote for enough of the 18x24 plates, 10" diameter and 12" diameter plates to be able to set up any stage of the steel match. It was 1/2" AR400. Should be able to withstand any normal pistol cartridge for a loooooong time. I think the quote was $1100.

Or, do what I do. Make them out of carboard. No ring when you hit them, but if you paint them white, and cover your holes with masking tape and paint over them, you can see your hits.
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