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Purchasing Steel Challenge Steel Targets

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I have been looking for steel challenge steel target "kits" on the internet...man are they expensive.

I know it's a very hard grade of steel but I've seen kits for 5 of the 8 stages go any where from $2000 to $3400 just for the targets and stands....A plate rack would be a nice to have for practice as well...and I bet thouse are just as outrageous.

How's the "common man" suppose to practice when the prices are this bad?.

Can someone post vendors/products they have used. Maybe someone has had some stuff made locally that works well.
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nhstk02 said:
We have some railroad track pieces that work pretty well.Takes .223 and every pistol bullet we shot it with, .44 made a little dent. xd357 could probably tell us more about this.
your probley talking about tie plates. It's a steel plate that is spiked to the ties for the rail to sit on. Than the rail is spiked to it. They only have one flat side but should hold up to shooting pretty well.
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