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Purchasing Steel Challenge Steel Targets

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I have been looking for steel challenge steel target "kits" on the internet...man are they expensive.

I know it's a very hard grade of steel but I've seen kits for 5 of the 8 stages go any where from $2000 to $3400 just for the targets and stands....A plate rack would be a nice to have for practice as well...and I bet thouse are just as outrageous.

How's the "common man" suppose to practice when the prices are this bad?.

Can someone post vendors/products they have used. Maybe someone has had some stuff made locally that works well.
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As seen in my avatar, I used some scrap carbon plate 3/8". It has held up for "me" shooting it. If it was going to be an everyday use or high use, you should use something harder. I made about 6 targets and they have lasted for about 1.5 years now with no visible damage. They have taken about ~4000 rounds apiece, with .22 being the primary, and 9mm and .40 bringing up the rear. When they start to cup, I'll just flip them over for a few years and beat on the other side!!!LOL!
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