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question about .357sig

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Does this round make major power factor? May be getting one in the future, and was.curious. I know this round us not the cheapest to shoot, let alone shooting in comp.
Do any of my fellow USPSA Members reload this round? If I'm not mistaken it does head space off of the shoulder doesn't it? May be able to get a deal on a G31 & G32 and was curious about a few aspects of this round. Maybe XD357 will chime in and give a few bits of knowledge.
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Xd357 said:
Yeah that's some real hot stuff. Thanks for the info. Now back on topic. The 357sig. Bigsig what got you into this round?
Not really looking to shoot it in comp. Just curious. Like I stated above I may be able to get a deal on a couple of them.

Thanks to all that contributed .
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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