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question about .357sig

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Does this round make major power factor? May be getting one in the future, and was.curious. I know this round us not the cheapest to shoot, let alone shooting in comp.
Do any of my fellow USPSA Members reload this round? If I'm not mistaken it does head space off of the shoulder doesn't it? May be able to get a deal on a G31 & G32 and was curious about a few aspects of this round. Maybe XD357 will chime in and give a few bits of knowledge.
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I feel nit-picky saying it but Open and Revolver DO have a caliber restriction. The minimum is a .355" bullet.

But as far as the round goes, as a competition round, it MAY be legal but it's definitely not the most cost effective route.

From what I understand, you have to trim each piece of brass after every time since the shoulder of the brass is moved.

For an excellent article on it for USPSA/IPSC check Front Sight magazine a few issues back. They had a several page article about the use of the .357 sig overseas in IPSC.
DBChaffin said:
I'll one up your nitpickiness, Mr. Nitpicky. You are correct that both Open and Revolver have minimum bullet caliber/cartridge case lengths, but like all of the divisions, they are ".38 cal. / 9 X 19mm (.354" X .748")." .355 isn't in the rulebook anywhere.

Also, in my prior post, I said they are the only "divisions which do not have a minimum bullet caliber for major". That, like the quote above, is straight out of Appendix D from the link I included.

Having to trim the brass would suck. I have actually loaded some .40 rounds in .357 Sig brass. I don't recommend it of course, but they worked fine.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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