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Question about new Winchester model 70.

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I'm thinking of buying a new rifle...I've been looking at Winchester Model 70 Sporter in .25-06 to be used primarily for deer hunting. When I do a search of Model 70's it seems the information I get mostly are about the pre-64 Model 70. What I've learned so far is that Winchester is currently owned by FN Herstal and are manufacturer in South Carolina. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the current brand of Winchester manufactured in SC and what opinions you have about them.
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Had a Model 70 Factory Target rifle in .308 Win. It was one of the most accurate rifles I have ever owned. I shot a 10 shot group at 500 yards from the prone and sling the could be covered with a playing card.

I also have a Model 70 made in 1937 in .270 W.C.F.. It still shoots 5/8" 5 shot groups at 100 yards off the bags.

I als owned a Model 70 in .30-06. It was a MOA rifle as well. I like the safety on a Model 70 better than any other sporter safety.

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