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Question about taurus tx22

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My buddy has a taurus tx22 it's having ejection issue's what's a good bullet to use in that particular gun cause the federals is just not it for that gun
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I'd load the rounds in a different gun and sell the Taurus.

I'm just kidding. I run a lot of Federal bulk because it's reliable IME. If Federal standard velocity stuff won't run, I'd be taking a close look at the extractor and chamber for issues and clean/lube the gun well. Still won't run after that? Now we are back to selling it. 
Haha yea I don't care for taurus but he loves it I actually had to fix it last night it wouldn't shoot at all the fire striker was froze up and look like the gun had been dropped in sand but I got it cleaned up lubed up and fires great now but I'll let him know about the cci ammo he didn't want to buy alot of brands to find ones that eject 90% of the time cause I know alot of 22 all brands have ejection issue's.
As a fairly new owner of a Taurus TX22, this thread doesn't bode well for my future endeavors.
The tx22 isn't all that bad I've heard people shooting thousands of rounds before they have issues.
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I got one recently, haven't had any trouble with CCI MiniMag, CCI AR Tactical, Aguila Standard Velocity, or cheap Winchester white box (my Ruger .22/45s absolutely will not shoot that stuff), and Remington Golden. I have some Federals up next, but I will be optimistic about it. If not for the rain this afternoon I could have told you today!

One of the reasoms I bought it was that I read all over the webs that it will pretty much shoot anything. I am very happy with mine, just had a holster made for it.
Last night after I fixed it and cleaned it I shot 5 rounds of federals and 3 of the 5 wouldn't eject but ejector might be going bad.
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