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Question for Bullet Casters

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Now that I'm starting to feel comfortable reloading, I'm seriously looking at casting. I've noticed that LSWC (Lead Semi Wad Cutter) seems to be the preferred bullet (or boolit) to cast for 45 ACP instead of LRN (Lead Round Nose). Why is that?

Is that true for 9, 40, 38, and 357?

Thanks in advance for the replies.
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Doug Bowser said:
I shoot H&G .452" Mold number 130 200 gr SWC in the .45 ACP. I prefer the lower recoil afforded by the 200 gr bullet at 775 fps. I do believe a slow moving (800 fps) .45 lead bullet is a good self defense load.

I thought the #130 was a 185 gr. mold? That is how it is listed by HG, but maybe that is because it is in linotype?:

I thought I had read somewhere that the #130 was the lighter short yard line Bullseye bullet for lighter recoil.

I am more familiar with the H&G #68, 200 gr. with a little longer nose than the #130, shown here:

It is generally known as a very good feeder in 1911's, and also generally very accurate. My understanding is because it was designed by keeping the part on the bullet that actually hits the ramp in a properly tuned 1911 the same as round nose hard ball, but just removing the "excess" away giving the SWC profile and a 30 grain lighter weight. If it makes sense, the bullet doesn't (or shouldn't) actually hit on the end of the nose on the ramp. It should hit about halfway down the bullet, about where the H&G #68 SWC becomes a flat point. I don't have the OAL in front of me, but I am pretty sure it is 1.250" on the H&G #68 for that to be true. Interestingly, I had trouble making it feed in a Glock 21 some years ago. I was able to get it to work, but I remember it was at a different length than is standard for 1911's.

In IPSC/USPSA circles (where reliability is very important to do well), this bullet is pretty popular among .45 shooters and it is sometimes referred to as the "Wilson load" after Bill Wilson. Not that he invented it, but he has apparently been a big proponent of it for quite some time and uses it to test all Wilson pistols before they leave the factory. As a matter of fact, Wilson Combat now sells (overpriced IMO) loaded "Bill Wilson Signature Load" ammunition with the 200 gr. H&G #68 bullet:

Long winded thoughts summed up, I think Captain pretty much nailed it on the head. As to the last question posed, SWC are not very common in 9 or .40. Most typically they are round nose, truncated cone, or hp.

My $.02...
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