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Question for Bullet Casters

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Now that I'm starting to feel comfortable reloading, I'm seriously looking at casting. I've noticed that LSWC (Lead Semi Wad Cutter) seems to be the preferred bullet (or boolit) to cast for 45 ACP instead of LRN (Lead Round Nose). Why is that?

Is that true for 9, 40, 38, and 357?

Thanks in advance for the replies.
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If you are shooting them in a 1911 be prepared to clear jams and have feeding issues...especially if you are not loading full power loads...

Keep in mind that JMB designed the 1911 to feed hardball...not SWC and WC....some of mine will eat em...some won't....

I'd start with the RN's....Enjoy the new adventure of bullet casting....lots of fun
Doug Bowser said:
Beladran said:
my 1911 hates! HATES! wad cutters. SWC it feeds fine, like neck said it was designed to shoot ball ammo
I can make a 1911 feed an empty case. It is in the polishing of the feed ramp and the position the ramp on the barrel has in relation to the feed ramp in the frame.

Yep.....I said be prepared....not everyone has "tweaked" their 1911's....polishing feed ramps, and mag lips is almost a requirement to get good reliability...it can be frustrating to take a new or seldom shot 1911 out and feed it WC, SWC and HP's....jamamatic...at least in my experience

I have some old Colts and Springfields that will eat anything...and I got a Kimber CDP that is finacky as hell with anything but ball...and its been "smithed" twice...so just go into it with your eyes open is all I'm saying
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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