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Question on Gun Ownership

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A friend of mine called me this morning and told me he is thinking about buying a 1911 .45. He had a question. He was treated at the VA for PTSD and for depression after returning from Afghanistan. I told him a read that you cannot purchase a firearm for reasons like this. Anyway, I looked it up and what I found was that you would only be not allowed to purchase a firearm if you were found mentally incompetent or was commited to a mental institution. He was neither. I found that on several Websites but not on any ms.gov sites. Whats the rule on this?
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That shouldnt keep him from buying a firearm as he hasnt been deemed a danger to anyone he doesnt need to be a danger to. And who the hell does the government think they are saying that a soldier can go and risk his hide for the US (with a firearm) and then not buy one once theyre off of Uncle Sams payroll? (sorry I know theres a can of worms involved with that question , I just wanted to vent)
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