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Question on S&W M&P rifle?

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I am having problem with some mags not allowing the bolt to lock once empty. This only seems to happen on some mags. I was told to change the plates out inside the mags. I am not sure why some work and some dont. Thinking of going to Magpul mags. Any ideas?
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I'm like JP, were they new mags or what? What kind of followers?
Some of these guys clean 'em up, paint 'em and sell as like new.
Never had a problem with my S&W. Have some new military issue and some used military issue. Have some bargain brand steel mags that do fine also. Never shot the plastic ones but never heard a bad word about a magpul. On different mags, I usually buy one or two to make sure they're ok. Hate to put a lot into them and them not function. Good Luck
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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