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Question on S&W M&P rifle?

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I am having problem with some mags not allowing the bolt to lock once empty. This only seems to happen on some mags. I was told to change the plates out inside the mags. I am not sure why some work and some dont. Thinking of going to Magpul mags. Any ideas?
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Spring? If the springs are not strong enough in the mag. What kind of ammo?
Do you have the same problem with all your mags?

What kind of ammo?
New doesn't necessarily mean good. If some mags work, and others don't, then there is most likely a problem with that mag. If they were cheapies, I might put them up for the end of civilzation. You might try a new spring or one of the magpul followers. I bought a couple of the pmags from muddawg95yj on this forum. PM him for a good price if you decide to go that route.

Off topic, but I noticed you have a couple of .45's. What do you do with your brass?
I think they are cycling fine just not holding the bolt open on the last round.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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