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Questions - 22RF F-Class

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EDIT: I took these post from another thread was had gone off-topic ---
GunOneDown said:
We decided to try a test run and had 3 shooters. Fun time and learned some info for a possible future match.
Geaux68: CZ452-2E / Sightron 24x / Wolf MT : 540-7x
G1D: CZ452-2E/ TruGlo 32x / Wolf MT : 528-7x
BigSig: Ruger 10/22 / Simmons 4x/ Rem bulk:453-1x

We all had a blast shooting the COF. Will post pics tomorrow if possible.
The two big scopes (over 12 power) put you top two in Open, the way I read it. And the 4 power glass can compete in Sporter class, is that right? Just trying to size up this deal so I can bring my lil Sav. MKII bolt gun out there with my cheepChinese RED HEAD 3-9x32
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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