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Questions - 22RF F-Class

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GunOneDown said:
We decided to try a test run and had 3 shooters. Fun time and learned some info for a possible future match.
Geaux68: CZ452-2E / Sightron 24x / Wolf MT : 540-7x
G1D: CZ452-2E/ TruGlo 32x / Wolf MT : 528-7x
BigSig: Ruger 10/22 / Simmons 4x/ Rem bulk:453-1x

We all had a blast shooting the COF. Will post pics tomorrow if possible.
The two big scopes (over 12 power) put you top two in Open, the way I read it. And the 4 power glass can compete in Sporter class, is that right? Just trying to size up this deal so I can bring my lil Sav. MKII bolt gun out there with my cheepChinese RED HEAD 3-9x32
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jbpmidas said:
Is there not a weight limit and no mods requirement?
Hey guys -- lets not get too technical for now!! Yes, there is a weight limit of 8lbs on commercially available (non-target), non-modified sporter rifles. I would not like to see someone with a high $ custom put a 12X scope on it and shoot in the sporter class. If someone can afford a high $ custom rifle, they can afford a $60 scope ... Now if someone wants to shoot a out of the box Ruger 10/22 with a 32X scope set at 32X, so be it - they will compete in the Open Class.

The key to the Sporter Class is - commercially available - no modifications (except trigger) - standard sporter model (no target models) .... with 12X or less magnification. This may be a little hard to determine at times, but we will work through it.
kenl1960 said:
Ok, I'll try to be un-technical, How do you determine the correct weight of a rifle? from my experience a scale that weighs 8 lbs accurately is likely to be too small to properly hold a rifle.

Are these matches being recognized and sanctioned by NRA or whoever? Or are they still "Simulated F-class"?
If someone is actually tracking scores I would be tempted to make my old Glenfield model 65 a sporter class rifle, assumeing you will allow someone to shoot two guns in a match.

It probably wouldn't matter that much if it were just fun, games, and self improvement.
FUN AND GAMES!! Scientific weighing done by a set of "cheap" Postal Scales IF needed - I would rather just trust the shooter!!

We do keep score and publish the match results here on MSGO - About the only place these matches are recognized and sanctioned is here at MSGO and Magnolia R&P Club!! Again, this is a FUN AND GAMES event!! -- While we do refer to this as competition, I like to think of it as competition against myself; hope to do a little better than last time ....

If we have space on the firing line and can accommodate someone firing 2 relays with 2 different guns in the 2 different classes, I have no problem with it.
kenl1960 said:
... So if we have few enough people that we can all shoot at once there is no second relay and no second gun.
True -- this is new to most of us. We have run a couple matches over the past 2 months. Each time we do this, we have more shooters than the time before. We have been limited by the number of firing positions available (13) in the two matches that have been held and it has required to firing of 2 relays. We will be moving the match to the Center Range at Magnolia and should be able to increase the number of shooters per relay.

We will fill relay 1 up ..... what is left will go into relay 2 ... if spots are still available in relay 2, a shooter from relay 1 could shoot again -- space available. Now saying that, it is going to be bad when we have only a couple space available spots in relay 2 and we have more than a couple relay 1 shooters who want to shoot again ... guess we will just "draw straws!!" :lol4:

It is really hard to determine prior to the match. We try to get a good headcount prior to each match by posting a participant thread here on MSGO; however, some do not come and some others just show up -- we will not turn anyone away (for now)!!
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kenl1960 said:
If we had a situation where a person wanted his son to shoot the same gun as he is shooting, they would require a spot on the second relay. We would not want to leave the son out.
Yes - Father would shoot in 1 relay and the son would shoot in another relay. Additionally, we must be mindful of the issue of having a minor on the line without close supervision. The father would act as the minor's coach as a safety precaution.

BTW: Do not leave out the daughters, grandkids, nephews, nieces, etc, etc, etc!!

... all shooters will be accommodated PRIOR to any shooter being permitted to shoot a second time.
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