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My uncle has an AR that he has not shot for a few years. He let me borrow it last night because I wanted to shoot it. The thing needs some serious cleaning, which I can do. But I had two questions….

It is a Bushmaster AR which is chambered in “.223/5.56mm” according to the stamp on the side of the rifle. My uncle has a whole ammo can of .223/5.56mm rounds that he acquired (I don’t know how) that are the same rounds used by the Army. The rounds say “5.56 NATO” on the rim. From my understanding, military rounds are loaded to a higher pressure than “standard” rounds. So will it be safe to shoot the military rounds through a standard AR?

I have only shot an AR one time. Last night when I was looking it over I noticed the peep-hole sight has a small hole to look through, and then you can flip it for a bigger hole to look though. So what is the difference between which sight you use?

Thanks for any info. I am a fan of the AK platform and I am not real familiar with shooting AR’s.
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