Rabbit Hunting

Discussion in 'Outdoors' started by deadhead, Feb 2, 2018.

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    If you run all them dogs ya'll got your gonna be a busy man this season. Nice start though, I know you enjoyed it.:)
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    Something I've always wanted to try.
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    Haven't been Bunny shooting in many years, but I remember that it was a lot of fun and not bad eatin' afterwards!
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    That took me back. Like them beagles.
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    Man them some good looking beagles!!!
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    :( All freinds have gotten out & don't have dogs anymore.
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    Man that brings back memories. We had a pair of beagles when I was a kid, Molly and Queenie. My dad had gotten in with a big group of beagle guys and loved hunting with them so he got a couple of puppies and trained them himself. Our old chicken coop house I grew up in was just a few yards from a railroad track so there were plenty of rabbits around for them to practice on. They were pretty good.

    He built a carrier for them that would ride in the back of his Plymouth. On hunting days it was my job to set it in the car. He would walk outside and wave his shotgun where they could see it, and they would go nuts. Then I would unlatch the door to their pen and they would race to the car and leap into the carrier in the trunk. Every time we shot a rabbit my dad would gut it and give the dogs the heart and liver, they inhaled that stuff like vacuums. I once saw dad turn down $500 cash for them, that was a fair amount of coin in 1975.

    He used to fuss and dote over those dogs in a way that made us human kids almost jealous! I have mentioned before that he had been a mess hall sgt in the army, well he used to cook for the dern dogs! He would saute or parboil old beef, chicken, whatever he had on hand. It had to be just right. Oh he used to stir and fuss and taste and worry if he had enough broth, like he was cooking in a 5-star restaurant in Paris France. He would mix their carefully prepared dinner with precisely proportioned amounts of dry dog food. Then he monitored and fretted for the temperature to get just right, not too hot for the dogs you know. At which point I had to haul my butt outside with it to serve it to the dogs, before it got cold! Yeesh. Dear old dad, they broke the mold with him. I am sitting here laughing about it as I type this.

    I have been trying to encourage the rabbits here around my place, have left several brush piles for them, but all I ever see is very small ones, the size of kittens. I don't know where the big ones are, something must be getting them.

    This is too long, but one last rabbit hunting memory. When I was a kid, the black section of town was at the far side of town, opposite the tracks from us. Frequently on Saturdays during the hunting season we would see a group of black men, usually 5-8 guys, from preteens to old men, come walking through our white neighborhood back yard along the tracks carrying .22s and .410s! I don't recall them having dogs, at least not routinely. They were heading to the other end of town, where they would go another 2 or 3 miles down the tracks, then turn around and work their way back to the city limits, shooting rabbits as they came. In the evening if we were outside we would see them coming back with dozens of rabbits hanging from their belts, from ropes over their shoulders, etc. I think they pretty much lived on these rabbits and what they grew in their gardens.They must have worked the other end of town as well, and once in a while tried our end. On our end of town it would have been at least a 5 or 6 mile walk one way for them. They carried knapsacks with sandwiches and drinks (and a bottle or two) and made a day of it and they must have had a big old time. There were times I wished they would invite me!

    If we were outside working in the garden when they came by, sometimes they would stop and talk for just a minute, my dad usually knew one or two of the older guys. Nobody who lived along the tracks was concerned or thought anything about it, they never caused anybody any trouble, they were just some guys going hunting, hey good luck fellas! Unfortunately today it would be quite a different reaction, probably for legitimate reasons. And walk along the railroad tracks with a weapon today, would probably get the SWAT team called out! Different times, different times.
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    Day two females, there some young trainees in this bunch. Hunted the same place.
    IMG_2824.JPG IMG_2825.JPG
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    Good looking group of beagles!
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    Saturday hunt, you can always pick out the deer hunters.

    IMG_2827.JPG IMG_2830.JPG
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    Holler when the stew is cooking
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    Is this one trainable :D
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    You need to come go with us, I promise it'll be less stressful.
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    Lemme know next time and I'll be glad to come embarrass myself. Only time I have really shot or caught rabbits was when I was on a bush hog. I love some stew though
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    In one of those picture it looks like Mama or one of the older Beagles is giving a lecture to three
    about how its supposed to be done. I raised rabbit hunting beagles back when I was a teenager and my early twenties. To me it was the most fun type of hunting, plus I love my dogs.Even back then I had as much as 175 dollars invested in one dog when I bought one already trained. Now I think my dogs own me.
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    Give me a call and let me know when you'll be free, we go pretty much every day but Sunday in February. Most days, if we only run one pack, we're through by noon. Saturday we run two packs and do lunch in the woods, it was boiled shrimp, wild hog sausage, and beans this Saturday.

    Talk about embarrassing, I missed one three times Friday, almost put the 410 down, but I came to my senses.
  20. I remember hunting marsh rabbits in the salt marshes of SW LA back in the 1980s. 3 hunters, 5 dogs and we'd have our limit of 21 rabbits by noon - these weighed around 3 to 3.5 lbs each, so we'd have 65-70 lbs of rabbits to clean.

    My wife takes her dachshunds to rabbit field trials now (leaving Wed for one in TX), but they don't kill them.
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