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remgirl said:
Just looking to find out if there is one to shoot a few rounds?

As far as the Starkville Gun Club is concerned, here is the cobntact info I have:
Starkville Gun Club
2125 Sixteen Section Rd
Starkville, MS 39760

[email protected]

Mitch’s charges $5 for use of his facility.

There is a site being developed right now in lower Monroe county. For information email: [email protected]

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The Starkville Gun Club is a nice club. There is a 5-stand charity shoot this coming weekend starting saturday. I understand it's open to the public. To get to the range from columbus, take hwy 50 to westpoint, go south out of westpoint on hwy 45 south for about 3 miles to Tibee and take a right at the top of the hill, go for about 5 miles to the stop sign and turn right, go past the elementary school and up the next hill past the water tower, as you go over this hill about 100 yds on the left is a small gravel road that leads to the ranges.

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Yes, that probably would be the shortest way. I spent all morning at the range mowing and cleaning up both pistol ranges.
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