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Range Officer Course

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Would taking a Range Officer Course help a shooter new to production class?
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It's kinda of like what comes 1st the chicken or the egg?

I've seen it recommended actually on a competitive shooting forum

Trying to get ya'll to weigh in
well I'm kinda trying to get our local NRA firearms instructor and world class shooter to weigh in.....

Cliff where U be Bro?
where U been Rbelote?...dove hunting?! :evil:

a 38 yr old bucket list is diff. than a 50 yr old bucket list

Thanks Cliff...Yes USPSA RO Course

Now where do I go to get that done?
Hey bigsig...I appreciate ya man! U R right

Has anyone ever told you that you might be wound just a little "TIGHT"!


I run this stuff through on the forum cause I don't know....and I figure there might just be a few more newbies...or those thinking about getting started that are having the same thoughts....

I'm taking care of it...as soon as I find out where to go...If it was an NRA course I could go see Cliff...since its USPSA...gotta go do more homework....I've read through the rules and they are substantial...How can you play the game better if you don't know the rules?
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1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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