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Range Rules and Insurance

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I may not be able to attend but I could write y'all a set of basic range rules. The event will have people of all manner of expertise in handling firearms, so the rules would have to be thorough as well as simple. You would be surprised how many times I have been scared out of my wits by new shooters at ranges. You have to prepare for the least experienced shooters. Some of the attendees will not have had formal range experience. If you want me to do this, let me know. I have 35 years experience as a range officer.

Do you have insurance, for use of firearms, on the property you are going to conduct the event on? If not the owner of the property is liable. I could probably talk our club into hosting the event. There would have to be a token fee for use of the facility. Targets, electricity, insurance, clay targets, etc. Our club would have to set the safety rules and provide RO's. We could not have the event until after July 1st.

Doug Bowser
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I think that might need to be simplifyed a bit seems like a lot every range I have ever been to you just have to have ear and eye protiction on at all times while in the firing area, all weapons are to be placed on your shooting stall facing down range, the ROs call cease fire one about every 10 mins to change targets and what not. But this is just fun shooting which is what I have always done. Never shot any kind of compitition. Just my $.02 which ain't worth much. LOL
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