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Range Rules and Insurance

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I may not be able to attend but I could write y'all a set of basic range rules. The event will have people of all manner of expertise in handling firearms, so the rules would have to be thorough as well as simple. You would be surprised how many times I have been scared out of my wits by new shooters at ranges. You have to prepare for the least experienced shooters. Some of the attendees will not have had formal range experience. If you want me to do this, let me know. I have 35 years experience as a range officer.

Do you have insurance, for use of firearms, on the property you are going to conduct the event on? If not the owner of the property is liable. I could probably talk our club into hosting the event. There would have to be a token fee for use of the facility. Targets, electricity, insurance, clay targets, etc. Our club would have to set the safety rules and provide RO's. We could not have the event until after July 1st.

Doug Bowser
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Here is my club's rules modified for personal use.

"1. No alcohol is allowed on this facility.

2. All weapon actions must be open when not shooting. Do
not load weapon until in the firing position.

3. Eye protection and ear protection are required at all times,
on all ranges, even by spectators.

4. Firing weapons at any unauthorized target isn't permitted.

5. Pick up all trash/debris and empty casings prior to leaving the
proeprty; to include removal of all targets (cans,cardboard,etc).

6. Do not touch anyone’s weapon without permission.

7. Do not shoot at any glass products.

8. Do not place live ammunition on the ground or in trash containers.

9. Do not shoot in front of the shooting line when other shooters are present.

10. Shoot “straight on” . Don’t shoot across other shooting

11. Do not go downrange without clearing weapons and communicating (“range is cold”) your intentions with all shooters.

12. Do not handle weapons for any reason when people are downrange (“range is cold”)

13. When shooting black powder weapons, shoot downwind of other shooters.

14. Do not shoot at any wildlife.

27. Each person is responsible for monitoring and enforcing range
safety rules.
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