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Range Rules and Insurance

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I may not be able to attend but I could write y'all a set of basic range rules. The event will have people of all manner of expertise in handling firearms, so the rules would have to be thorough as well as simple. You would be surprised how many times I have been scared out of my wits by new shooters at ranges. You have to prepare for the least experienced shooters. Some of the attendees will not have had formal range experience. If you want me to do this, let me know. I have 35 years experience as a range officer.

Do you have insurance, for use of firearms, on the property you are going to conduct the event on? If not the owner of the property is liable. I could probably talk our club into hosting the event. There would have to be a token fee for use of the facility. Targets, electricity, insurance, clay targets, etc. Our club would have to set the safety rules and provide RO's. We could not have the event until after July 1st.

Doug Bowser
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Doug...If it won't be too much of a burden...would you write us up some range rules?.....It would have to be general in nature.

Right now plans are to have pistol and some skeet and rifle.

Maybe some longer range rifle depending on how we decide to lay it out....
Thanks Doug...Simple eh....I'd consider myself a fairly experienced shooter but this kinda blew me away :thumbup:

Shooting by yourself or with one or 2 folks is a lot different that 30 or 40...or whatever it will be. If you've never seen this practiced before it can be a lot to think about....

Only diff @ Gunsite, They wanted all pistols to remain in the holster if not firing...That way it was clear were all the pistols were...Of course all there were was pistols in the class...not rifles shotguns etc...

It was wierd having a "cocked and locked" 1911 on your hip all week in a class...even in the classroom....

Very Good Doug...as usual
Hey cyberwaste....Good to have ya.

eyes and ears is a given....We are going to error on side of safety even if we have to be kinda "anal" about it.

This event is on private property....mine...so I gotta CYA a little bit...It will get worked out.

So I get "more liabiliy" by doing the right thing and making it a requirement...

Everyone should have eyes and ears without us having to tell them..Gezzz
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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