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RangeUSA's TWO for ONE deal on training this summer. Wanna take a class with me?

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Anybody want to take a class with me this summer from RANGEUSA in Memphis? They have a buy one get one deal. Which boils down to us being able to take the class HALF PRICE.

Many of you guys are already beyond this class in your trainning, but I want to take self defense handgun class. More Info Here Its offered Saturday June 5th 2010 from 8a to 3p. The cost would be $62.50 a piece (Regular 125)...CANT BEAT THAT.

Heres the promotion:
"Buy-One-Get-One" on any of our classes! You can sign up to take any of our classes at full price and you get to bring someone with you to that class for FREE (provided they have the skill level required for that class)! The two students must take the same class on the same date to get the discount. There are some other restrictions - see an employee for details.
CLASS INFO Self-Defense Handgun

Tuition: $125.00

Pre-requisite: Handgun carry permit class required

REQUIRED Equipment:

Quality, fully functional handgun
Strong side hip holster
Quality gun belt: Galco, 5.11, Blackhawk(not a designer belt)
Minimum of 3 magazines or speedloaders
Magazine/speedloader holders
Concealment garment
Approximately 500 rounds of ammunition (“factory new” recommended)
Comfortable clothes and shoes
Baseball type hat
Email [email protected] with equipment questions

Course Description: This course is the next level in your firearms training after your permit class. Our highly trained and experienced instructors will show you basic gun fighting skills that can be used in real world situations. During this exciting and extremely informative class, you will learn how to: clear misfires and jams, access your weapon when concealed, perform tactical reloads, shoot while moving, and more! You’ll also be challenged to draw and fire two rounds in under two seconds! This class will help you gain the proper survival mindset and build speed, while challenging you to make high-speed decisions. After this class you can draw and fire on our range and you will be ready to advance to many other Street Survival School classes!
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jbpmidas said:
I don't have the prerequisite or I would be interested. Been wanting to take some training classes anyway, and I am off that weekend.
I havnt had the handgun permit class either, but I took a class where it was a prereq. I called and told them that I havnt had that class, but I do have my permit and they said thats good enough. Do you have your permit?
jbpmidas said:
Yes, got my permit.
Ill call and check it out, if you are interested.
BigMikeFromOlemiss said:
jbpmidas said:
Yes, got my permit.
Ill call and check it out, if you are interested.
check that...no need to call. I still have the email they sent me. this is what it says.


As long as you have a handgun permit, you are welcome to take our self defense handgun class. Just give us a call and we can sign you up over the phone with a credit card or you can come in to sign up.

Let us know if we can assist you further.

Thank you for choosing Range USA!

Dana Brown
Assistant Manager
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jbpmidas said:
I'll let you know. The 500 rounds of factory ammo will be the tough part. Would need to find a deal on .45 acp.
thats why I invested in the G17 (9mil)...for more trigger time. G22 and 27 (40sw) are my carry pistols.

I just called them. $160 will get you 500rds of 45acp. So $16 per 50.
somebody needs to man up here and take this class with me...come on guys
jbpmidas said:
How soon do you need to know?
Probably pretty soon. I know the fill up fast anyway, but with the promotion, it could potentially be twice as fast.
jbpmidas said:
IM STILL LOOKING for somebody. JBP counldnt do it
i guess ill have to go it alone
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