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    18730A79-642B-41EC-8164-9F999D4DDE9E.jpeg Celia Cortes of SEVA 6 Security Consulting. She will be joining Ariel Siegelman of The Draco Group as one of the instructors for an upcoming class. Israeli Counter Terrorism, Rapid Response to High Violent Events Level 1.

    April 27th, 28th and 29th. The planning is still ongoing at this point but will keep you updated.

    Some of the points to be covered.

    Techniques for quick target acquisition and neutralization. This prepares you to operate with speed and accuracy to end a violent confrontation with minimal damage to bystanders.

    How to recognize the Active Shooter/Killer profile and understand his modus operandi. This training will provide you with tools to more effectively stay one step ahead of a violent attacker.

    The effect of ballistics in buildings and the utilization of cover and concealment during contact with a perpetrator, thereby increasing survivability in the event of an attack.

    Effective stance and movements when being attacked.
    Field assessment techniques for quickly building strategies and tactics in the event of violence.

    Advanced methods for utilizing a firearm in an environment filled with innocent people.

    Israeli Counter Terrorism tactics - urban combat techniques, room clearing, and sweeping buildings to prepare you to confront extremely violent perpetrators and survive in real world conflict.

    Advanced methods for choosing a route of advancement during a terror event.

    How to work in pairs and in a team to operate quickly and effectively within an urban environment against a violent threat.

    How to maintain an appropriate decision-making process when under high-stress.

    Stress inoculation.

    Bringing world class training to law enforcement [LE Certified} and interested individuals. This is a two part class Level 1 in April with Level 2 [only students completing Level 1 are eligible] in the fall. Cost will be $700 per student for Level 1.

    As Ariel says, “The better trained you are, the safer you are, wherever you are.”

    Edit for date change and lower price.
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    NOTE: Date change and lower price, all details will be complete soon.

    Like before, catered lunch [not a sandwich and drink] a real meal each day.

    Base motel: Hampton Inn, 2107 HWY 72 West Corinth, MS 662 286-5949

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    The course will take place outdoors. Dress appropriately.

      • Combat pistol with holster
      • Minimum of 2 magazines with mag pouches [3 preferably]
      • 650 rds of ammo [minimum]
      • Hat for the sun
      • Sunscreen
      • Warm clothing
      • Rain Gear
      • Gore Tex boots (recommended)
      • Water bottle
      • Long pants
      • Long sleeve shirt
      • Sun glasses (recommended) Eye protection [must]
      • Ear protection [must]
      • Knee pad (recommended)
      • Note pad and pen
    • A smile

    Class is limited, reserve your spot early.
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    Lake, MS
    I would REALLY like to do this but, $700 is REALLY a lot of money for a guy without a department to bear the expense.
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    Yes it is Caleb C.

    Money spent on training is never wasted. The mindset, tactics and shooting all work together. Putting all 3 together in the precious few seconds of a violent situation. PRICELESS
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    Lake, MS
    The more I think about this the more it seems like a good idea. I might sell a gun or two to free up the cash to attend.

    Who else is in?
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    Welcome sir. You will have a great time here.

    Terror events, by definition, occur in crowded areas. The difficulty of tactical response in such an environment cannot be underestimated. Those who are not trained well for these specific challenges, can find themselves accidentally adding to the injuries or death due to mistakes in operational methodology. The number one action that saves lives during a critical event, is decreasing response times. High-level training is the key factor to ensuring that responders are capable of actually performing under the high stress of such events.

    DRACO GROUP provides professional tactical response training courses for military, Law Enforcement, professional security, and private citizens. This training is developed from the official Israeli Government certified course for Rapid Response Teams and consists of proven techniques for minimizing damage within institutions during violent encounters, including Active Shooter/Killer situations. These techniques and tactics have been tested and have proven results against the most difficult and determined perpetrators.
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    Really proud to have you in the class, look forward to shaking your hand.
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    Lake, MS
    I'm looking forward to it as well.

    After researching the curriculum and the trainers it's become obvious that this is worth the investment.
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    I’m definitely trying to find a way in.
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    Cameron, keeping my fingers crosssed for you.
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    Bringing world class training to Mississippi. Three day’s with a catered lunch each day. Which means no down time. Your questions can be answered by the instructors at any time. In the evening after class is porch time for an hour. A relaxed atmosphere where the days training can be discussed or any questions can be answered. Or just talk with other students. Join us.
    No Alcohol is allowed on premises.

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    How fast do these classes normally fill up?
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    Registration closes April 15th with a maximum of 20 students. At present we have 7.

    My guess, the class will be around 15 students by April 15th. Could fool me, but that’s a best guess.
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    A little over 10 weeks away, great opportunity in the Great State of Mississippi
    Put your name on the list so you don’t miss out.

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    Lake, MS
    I'm really excited about this. If I were a house dog I would have peed on the carpet by now.
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    Laugh Out Loud Caleb C

    Looking forward to welcoming you to the NE part of the state.
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    This is from Draco Group.


    Did you know that America has one of the worst levels of security of any Developed Country on the planet? It may be painful to admit, but it is the truth.

    This is because of the American Dream.

    The American Dream is about creating a happy, good life. And that is very nice.

    However, there is another side of dreaming, that is very dangerous. While you are dreaming, you are not awake. And today, reality is pretty ugly, so it is important to be awake.

    Most American institutions still cringe at even speaking about the possibility of a terror attack or an Active Killer event on their premises. In fact, most institutions refuse to even use the word "Killer" in their security documents. Through their actions they show that they are more afraid of BEING AFRAID than they are of being SHOT! So they use euphemisms instead and talk around the issues. When mass killings do occur, they cry and pray and say nice things about how sad they are. But is there a change in philosophy? Is there a change in actions? No - because they want to Dream - and dealing with reality is.... well... REAL.

    This refusal to look at reality can be seen in security systems and protocols that simply do not work. It can be seen in asinine lockdown procedures that schools and businesses are being taught by "security experts," which will get people killed. And it can even be seen in the terrible response techniques that some Law Enforcement agencies are still implementing.

    Until we can wake up from our Dream and face the mean, ugly, scary details of evil forces in this world, we will continue to bleed.