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Rattle Can paint job with pics...

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Going to take the plunge & rattle can my AK soon but wanted to do a little testing on a spare stock I had collecting dust first...

Started out with an all black synthetic stock:

Base coat was flat tan:

Than added my stencil media & sprayed with olive drab:

After the olive drab:

Added stencil media again & spayed with brown:

After the brown:

Finished product:

Overall, I'm happy but not satisfied. As this was my first attempt I will make some changes & try again.
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bigsig said:
No offense but I would have used brown base coat, then tan, then green.
It looks a lil dark to me is why. Maybe even a lite coat of tan being the final coat.
No offense taken. I'm learning as I go & this is actually a fun little project. I want to make my mistakes now & not on the rifle I want to eventually paint. :thumbup:

I was thinking the same thing about it being dark. I was going to try tan, then brown, then green, but I may try your idea instead.
Still not exactly what I'm looking for.

Next attempt I think I will try brown, green, tan.

It's quite easy to go "overboard" while spaying & not realize you have covered up too much of the base while spaying over the stencil media... but I'm learning.
Thanks everybody. This has been a surprisingly fun project for the day. Inexpensive as well. I have just over $17.00 invested in spray paint (Krylon & Rustoleum flat Camo paint) & pre-cleaner, ( O'Reilly's brake parts cleaner).

I do think I am getting the hang of it & my third try will be what I want.

I think in a few days I'll tackle the real deal & paint my AK or my scoped .22
I'm just painting over the old layers right now. I still think it's a shade too dark, but I think the pattern is working out good.
Third attempt....

Decided to do my Marin 981T 22lr. Did a base of brown, then olive, then tan:

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Put multiple coats of matte acrylic to seal the paint & removed the making tape off the scope & action. Put the bolt back in & reattached the sling...

I'm pretty happy. :D

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Just noticed I left my making tape on the elevation knob on top...

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It appears to be working... :thumbup:

My bird feeders are still safe.

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