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The RCPS Fall Rifle Rendezvous is an outlaw rifle only match similar in style to a USPSA pistol match and will use hit factor scoring. Since this is an outlaw match we will use a mix of target styles (USPSA, 1/2 scale USPSA, IDPA, or others. We will have 6-7 stages that include long and short field courses and standards style COF’s. Total round count will be between 150 – 180 rounds but bring extra in case of reshoots or last minute COF changes.

We will use the following rifle divisions:

1) Heavy Metal division (308 or larger, any sights),
2) Optics (223 Rem or larger, magnified scope)
3) Irons (223 Rem or larger, iron sights or 1x only optics)
4) PCC according to USPSA provisional PCC rules to include the addition of any SUBSONICE rifle caliber,
5) 22 rim-fire (any sights)

Silencers will be allowed with any center fire caliber. NOTE: If the Silencers preclude effective time keeping the shooter must remove the Silencers to reshoot the stage and ALL remaining stages.

Match fee is $15 with registration and $20 for walk-ons. Juniors shoot for $5.

Directions to the range can be found at Rocket City Practical Shooters.

Register here
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