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Holy smokes I'm jonesing for that gray one on far right in top photo. And Jameison is my favorite drink lol. You have an idea on how much? Where exactly are they made? Can shoot me a PM if like
That one was given to Make a Wish foundation for an upcoming raffle, but more will be made!
It was textured, black, canvas micrata. 440C stainless steel. Custom sheath and lifetime sharpening. These knives are proudly made in McHenry, MS, by Ron Jamieson. Gun show specials for this model, in different color g10 or canvas micrata, are $100. Large, textured models, shown in the second photo with the Blue and Black G10 handle, are $125. That one has sold and was High Carbon steel.

Please feel free to contact at 228-297-7381, ask for Ron.

Also on Facebook, under Jamieson Custom Knives.

Thanks for the interest!
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