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recoil question

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I have a handi-rifle I am considdering getting a new barrel for in 500s&w but first I would like to find out if anyone can tell me what the recoil is. I have a savage 111 270win that I am comfortable shooting but do not want to get much higher in recoil than that. Is there anyone who can give me an idea on the difference?

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I had a .500 SW handi rifle. It had some teeth rattling, bone breaking recoil. It was the only gun I've ever shot that was no fun at all. Made shooting a 30-06 seem like a .22 lr. I'd say it had 2-3 time the felt recoil of a 45-70 handi. I guess it was from the such fast burning pistol powder and the high pressure of the round. It also broke open from the recoil and had a hard time extracting the cases. It seriously grouped about 8" at 75 yards. I tried three different ammo types and three different scopes. I got shed of that thing. The guy that got it acted like he could handle it and make it shoot straight.

BTW, I've heard that the accuracy problem is because they used the wrong twist rate. Don't know how true that is tho.
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