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recoil question

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I have a handi-rifle I am considdering getting a new barrel for in 500s&w but first I would like to find out if anyone can tell me what the recoil is. I have a savage 111 270win that I am comfortable shooting but do not want to get much higher in recoil than that. Is there anyone who can give me an idea on the difference?

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You might get by with the little bullets from 250-350 grs. but the 500 gr. ones won't be pleasant in that little light rifle. Can't speak for the .500 S&W but I loaded up some 45-70 cartridges for a buddy of mine that has the Handi-Rifle...he insisted on big ones and wanted to try my 535 gr. Postell bullets...so I fixed him up. First shot thumped him right between the horns...second shot knocked him off the bucket he was sitting on. ;)
Matt, that report oughta remove any doubts on the subject. ;)
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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